Fashion editors and friends Els & Kristin share many things – their love of dogs, their passion for fashion, their clumsiness, to name but a few. They also shared a dream: starting a platform that celebrates fashion. Not the fast and throwaway kind, but the real deal: timeless designs from the past that still look amazing today.

After some debating – okay, a LOT of debating – le freddie was born: a website where you can score one-of-a-kind vintage items, handpicked by them. Items that are from eras long gone, but have never lost their beauty. Because that is probably the best thing about fashion: it’s an endless loop – and trust these two fashion editors to know when to offer you what. But there’s another good reason to shop vintage: when you buy a piece of history, you are not contributing to the pollution of our planet.

From the perfect prairie dress to the cutest Disney sweater: it’s all here, waiting to start a new life in your closet.

History looks good on you.


le freddie

Just so you know who’s who: Els is on the left, in the blue dress; Kristin is sitting on the right.  Center stage is for le Bennie, the office dog with a nose for vintage (and cookies).