Gorgeous Girl

Our girl Milena needs little else than some hydrating cream and a brow fix – but we know we’re not all like her. In fact: most of us aren’t. So here are the beauty secrets of the ‘Accidental Beauty’ editorial. Nothing but the truth – and a little highlighter.

The best part of this look, is that it’s accessible for all of us. Start with the beginning: a good face cream. Our makeup artist Sharon uses Dior – their Capture Youth-range is amazing – but if that’s too high budget for you, there’s always Embryolisse. Buy it when in France, or order it online: it’s fab, it’s cheap and it works miracles.

After creating hydrated, soft, glowy skin (blend a few drops of the Dior Capture Youth Glow Booster with your day cream and look how it transforms your skin!) use a sheer foundation on your entire face. By sheer we mean: use very little, and blend well – you don’t want to look as if you’re wearing makeup. Don’t forget your eyelids and your lips: the foundation will function as some sort of primer, making other products stick better.

The next step is the fun part: highlighter. Use any brand you like, they all work. A highlighter in a stick works easiest: just glide it over your temples, eyelids, nose bridge and upper lip. Done.

Then BE STRONG: you cannot use any mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow or blusher. NOTHING. All focus goes to the eyebrows: make them as dark as you dare, comb them upwards, and fixate with a transparant liquid. Most brand have them, Benefit does the best ones (according to us, that is).

Final step: add a high finish gloss on your lips. You can overdo: your lips have to be moist and glossy to make this look work. Tadaaaa: done!

Ok no wait. We lied.

We DID do a little extra, halfway through the shoot day. Because we thought: a little bling never hurt no body. So we went all the way with the highlighter – and created a white eye.

This is how Sharon worked her magic: she used a thick cream (La Mer would be perfect, if you have the budget. The blue Nivea-jar is a good alternative) and circled one eye with it. Then she used a loose, shimmery, snow white power, and gently dabbed it onto the creamy area, creating a gorgeous, white, eye-catching eye. If that is a thing.

Try it a few times before you go out (some of the powder tends to fall down, leaving white tears down your cheeks, not the general idea here) and then: voilà. Gorgeousness. Thank us later (and send us the pictures!)

Now that we have your attention: we would love to thank our amazeballs team. Sharon the Winter, dream makeup/hair artist – she’s the sweetest and she knows how to do EVERYTHING. Milena de Bel, model girl and probably the nicest person you’ll ever meet. She’s with Unit Model Management, if you want to get hold of her. And then there’s Floor, the photographer that shows up with her dog (Louis, a pug. No scratch that. We mean: Louis, THE pug). She also brings her brilliant boyfriend, who makes the best videos (and the best shade). We’ll show you his work real soon. Anyway. THANK YOU. le freddie wouldn’t look this fab without you. It wouldn’t be this fun either.


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