It’s our girl Laura Ashley

We’re going back to where it all started. Spring 2019 we launched le freddie with a collection of vintage floral dresses, most of them Laura Ashley pieces. This designer is an absolute icon because a) the woman put pockets in most of her dresses. b) She always worked with high quality cotton fabrics, which makes that these dresses still look good 40 years later. c) Lady Di loved her too. When you see old photos of Diana in a floral dress it’s most likely a Laura Ashley piece.

To celebrate the start of Spring, we’re launching 20+ Laura Ashley items, all handpicked and sourced in Europe. We have most sizes, many floral pieces, 2 mini dresses and even some original ‘Made in Wales’ items.

Our collection drops Friday April 2nd, 7 PM. Don’t be late to the party.

Happy Easter Weekend, sweeties.

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