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We’re nearing the two year le freddie landmark. That’s a BIG thing, given that three quarters of our young life have been dominated by corona (sorry we’re bringing that up again) and how to circle round it. But hey, two years. TWO YEARS. What a ride it has been. We have met so many fabulous people, made so many new friends, learned so much. Our hearts have never been fuller – and same goes for our closet. We’ve gotten to know you. What you like and dislike. How you like to shop. What styles you prefer. So yes, two years in, we have what we call a Besteller Category – a product page with the stuff that usually sells out in minutes (so yes the pages might be blank a couple of times, sorry for that).

In the le freddie Bestsellers category?

  • white ruffle blouses. We have sold A LOT of those and we promise to keep ’em coming.
  • colourful vintage knits. Flowers, lama’s, quotes and houses: if it has a print on it, you like it. So knits have become a le freddie bestseller – and we understand why.
  • jumpsuits. Cooler than a dress, just as quick in styling, and usually in that quirky eighties vibe y’all like so much.

We’ll be adding more items to the bestseller category in the months to come, based on your preference and taste. Drop us a note if we aren’t catering for you yet.

Meanwhile: check out our brand new category. And don’t be too slow: when we say bestseller – we do mean bestseller.

love, els & kristin

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