People will stare.

Make it worth their while. Here’s how (we’ll be quick and clear):

  • Always incorporate at least one quirky/childish/off-beat item into your look. Case in point: a huge bear. Heart-shaped glasses are fine too, or anything with a remarkable print on it.
  • Look for items that are tactile; fun to touch. Furs, teddy, silk, mohair. If you look fluffy, chances are people will be more attracted to you.
  • If you like bold & beautiful, go for oversized. Still a big hit this winter, and it will make you stand out from the look-i-wear-tight-things crowd. Which you’ll like.
  • It’s winter, it’s cold: so layer up. The more layers you add, the cooler you’ll look. People will want to know: what else is underneath? Ah, the mystery!
  • Oh and one more thing: don’t forget to smile. 😀

All items of clothing: vintage @lefreddie. Earrings courtesy of Twice as Nice 👍

Thank you to our muses, friends & colleagues that made this editorial possible: Sophie Rata for pictures, Sharon De Winter for hair & makeup, Charlotte Cols for face & fabulousness, and Tamara @Unit Model Management for her brilliant selection of models. Love.

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Photography: Felicia Van Ham. Model: Layna Isle. Hair & makeup: Sharon De Winter. Styling & all items of clothing: le freddie.

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