Little Women

le freddie turns one on June first. That’s a milestone, for various reasons. One: we’re still here, after Corona and lockdown. Two: we’ve loved, and been loved in return. Our love for all things vintage has spread. We’ve discovered you love vintage too, and that means the world to us. Looking fabulous, whilst being conscious of the world around you: it’s not just a dream anymore. And three: we’ve managed to change things. People around us are wearing sleep dresses again. Women let us know they’ve rediscovered old clothing, thrifting, sewing, mixing new with vintage. And most importantly: we’ve turned the image of ‘second hand’ upside down. From ‘smelly’, ‘dirty’, ‘cheap’ and ‘no way’ to ‘Oh my god that dress, is it Dior?’. So yes. We’re proud. Of us. Of you. All of you.

For our one year anniversary, we went back to our roots. Prairie girls, romantic dresses, nature. It’s what we love most, it’s what we do best. Laura Ashley was our first love – and we’ll keep going back to her.

One more thing: thank you. Thank you for trusting us into your wardrobe. Thank you for trying online shopping. Thank you for looking that damn good in history.

We hope to celebrate many more anniversaries with you


els & kristin

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