Meet team freddie: Els & Kristin

This webshop started as a shared dream: friends & colleagues Els & Kristin wanted to start a business. So they could print business cards. With CEO on them. The rest – well, it’s history.

Why vintage?

Els: “Finding unique clothes can be a challenge. Especially if you don’t have mass amounts of cash to spend. So I started sourcing for vintage when I was a university student: I was obsessed with fashion, but had a hard time paying for my dream wardrobe. Since then, my love has grown, and deepened: vintage is not only unique, it’s honest too, and ethical. There’s no negative side to this type of clothing: it is loved over and over, it is respected, the work of the designers is respected.. I’m hooked – and I’m passing it on too: my daughter Bonita is a big fan of vintage finds.”

Spill ALL your secrets – where do you guys shop for the cool pieces?

Kristin: “For ourselves, we shop around the world. In cheap vintage stores like Episode, Think Twice and Humana-stores. In expensive vintage stores too, like Paloma Vintage & Collect 23. We’ve got quite a fantastic list of great vintage stores around the world – we’ll spill them bit by bit in our le freddie-newsletters.

For the store, we shop at wholesalers mostly. The job isn’t glamourous: those wholesalers sell in ginormous warehouses – freezing in winter, dusty all year round. We handpick each piece – sometimes we spend five hours in one store, just because we don’t want to buy per kilo. We want to see, touch en try what we buy.”

The Golden Rule of vintage according to team freddie?

Kristin: “We feel that in Belgium, there’s room for wardrobe improvement. People here tend to dress safe, predictable and – okay, i’m saying it – rather boring. We know from being fashion editors (yup, we have a day job too) that price is often a problem: people feel they can’t dress ‘cool’ because it’s too expensive. Vintage is the perfect way to start: it’s accessible budget wise, and you can make a real difference. Wearing one good vintage piece can upgrade your entire look. And the best part is saying ‘oh this? It’s vintage’. It KILLS people to hear they can’t just run to the store and buy the same: we love that 😉 “.

Kristin in vintage fringed jacket

What is your dream piece?

Els: “I’m quite the cynical person in everyday life, but deep down I’m a true romantic. I would LOVE to find a dress that resembles my mum’s dress from 1980; the year I was two and this picture was taken. If anyone has or finds this dress: I’m willing to pay hard cash for it.”

Els with her mum in the dress of her dreams

Do you have a vintage obsession?

Kristin: “I’m forever buying white cotton blouses with big collars. I think I own a dozen, and we have many similar styles in the store too. I think a white blouse is the perfect basic; it goes brilliantly with denim, it adds a touch of cuteness and you can style it any way you like.”

What would be your ultimate style advice?

Els: “Try more. Just try. If it doesn’t work, no prob – it’s not like you cut your hair or something 😉 Wear a dress if you normally wear trousers; go for a bold print if you tend to be a black-only type of girl and just break free from the typical everyday style. We firmly believe that clothes can change the way you feel, the way you come across, the way you behave. Just order something – if you don’t like it, send it back or pass it on to a friend. Life really is too short to wear boring clothes.”

What’s your favourite vintage picture?

Kristin: “This one, of me and my mum. She’s wearing this supercool pair of glasses, and I love the the pearly necklace she added for extra glam. Even on a regular Monday, people wore pearls back in the day. Let’s bring that back! Also, I adore my mums pixie cut – should I?”

Little Kristin with her mum

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