Prairie Tales

The prairie dress is having a moment, this season. The best news: you don’t need a ‘little house’ to make it work.

Photography: Felicia Van Ham. Model: Layna Isle. Hair & makeup: Sharon De Winter. Styling & all items of clothing: le freddie.

Prairie dressing is a thing: ruffled dresses, high collars, pastels colours and an abundance of lace, flower prints, puff sleeves and smock. If you’re in doubt how to do prairie, here’s a mini guide:

  • a prairie dress has at least one of these characteristics (and preferably all): high collar; ruffled neckline; smock on the breast area; mid or maxi length, lace trimmings.
  • prairie extra’s come in natural materials: rattan, untanned leather, linen, ancient cotton, wood.
  • colours are pale and washed – lavender is great, blue and whites are also perfect.
  • one more thing: prairie is not sexy – it’s a covered, almost prudish way of dressing. Which is exactly why it’s so appealing: a little mystery goes a long way.

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